Take Epic Dumps Tee — Women's
Take Epic Dumps Tee — Women's

Take Epic Dumps Tee — Women's

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Spread the message of epic dumps with our take epic dumps tee. Fiber deficiency is the number one nutritional deficiency in the United States, and eating a high-fiber diet is linked with significantly lower rates of pretty much every disease (and larger, more frequent, and extremely epic bowel movements). This is because fiber is only found in plants, and by eating more plants and more fiber, you're taking a stance against the diseases that afflict the Western world, and the unethical and unsustainable practices of eating animals. This poly blend is a new style for us and is our new favorite, soft and comfortable, it's perfect for casual wear while picking up your favorite dump-inducing plant foods from the farmer's market. Made with ethically-sourced and produced practices and printed in Boulder, Colorado by Handlebar Mustache Apparel, fellow plant-based athletes.


A few things you can say when someone asks you about your dump shirt:

  • Over 90% of Americans (and other Westernized nations) don't meet the minimum recommended amount of fiber, which plays a huge role in heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders, and overall mortality.
  • Fiber is only found in plant foods, and eating a high fiber diet is significantly linked to more frequent and epic bowel movements, which is a sign of overall health and digestive function.
  • For over 99% of our evolutionary history, we were eating 70-100g of fiber per day. Today, the majority of us don't reach the minimum recommended amount of around 30g. That's a problem.
  • I eat a plant-based diet to improve my health and the health of our planet and the animals we share it with. I'm proud of my fiber intake, and take regular and epic dumps as a result.